Gender Inclusiveness

What is Gender Inclusiveness?

Gender Inclusiveness emphasizes the acceptance and respect towards different individual’s needs within a community. It aims to create an environment which accepts, respects, and understands the different needs of women and men in order to narrow the gender gap.

Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB)


Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB) programme ensures the needs of both women and men in Penang are met, with the tagline “Different People, Different Needs”. It makes government budgeting processes more gender-responsive, participatory, and inclusive for diverse communities across the state.

Gender Inclusiveness Policy


Penang’s Gender Inclusiveness Policy officially adopted in March 2019 takes gender perspectives into consideration of decision-making, planning, and administration processes. It emphasizes the importance of gender-balanced management within the state and local governments so that equal opportunities are given to both men and women.

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