Workers’ Day

Workers’ Day

In conjunction with Workers’ Day, PWDC had organised public forums on women in workforce.

“Attract & Retain Women in the Workforce”

PWDC held the “Attract & Retain Women in the Workforce” forum, in conjunction with Labour Day at Auditorium F, Komtar on 30 April 2018. The forum brought together expert practitioners and public to discuss non-discriminatory hiring practice, flexible working hours and the support system to retain women in the workforce.

“Retaining Women in the Workforce: Closing Gaps and Breaking Barriers”

In conjunction with Labour Day, PWDC and Penang Institute co-host a panel discussion titled “Retaining Women in the Workforce: Closing Gaps and Breaking Barriers”. The panel discussion discussed on the key challenge to attract and retain qualified women in the workforce and policies and programmes can be used to close gender gaps and break barriers for women at work.

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