Other Activities

Smart Voters Campaign

A campaign carried out by PWDC with the support of the State EXCO for Women and Family Development weeks before the 14th General Election. The campaign called out the importance of women’s vote; why women must vote and its impact. By voting, women can ensure that their social, economic and political interest are being taken into consideration when the government introduce policies and programmes that involve women’s health, safety, education and well-being.

Grassroots women, the “Everyday Life Experts”, are some of the best people to contribute to creating reselient, healthy and nurturing communities.  Investing in grassroots women is key to fostering sustainable development. PWDC, through our Grassroots Women’s Leadership Programme aims to provide the opportunity for women to engage, contribute and empower themselves and their communities while stregthening women’s leadership in the state

To ensure that women are given equal opportunities in political representation, it is critical that we review the impact of the current electoral system on women’s political representation – from candidacy to election results. PWDC and the Penang State Government, in collaboration with Penang Institute and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES International), will be organising a National Conference on Gender and Electoral Reform on 26 & 27 August 2016

Art is a very important and critical agent of change, Art has an undisputed place in contemporary social activism as it has a vibrant history of promoting important messages of social change and acted as a medium to raise public awareness on issues. PWDC is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to mainstream gender awareness in the consciousness of society and have recently engaged actively in the arts to spread the message of gender equality, inclusivity and social justice.

VOICES, a PWDC original project, is an exploration of the creative writing as a tool for empowerment.The project provides women writers the opportunity for self-discover y and self-expression through personal narratives as well as an opportunity for development as writers. For the second year in a row, VOICES partnered with George Town Literary Festival 2016, to bring women’s stories and writers to the international platform.

PWDC in collaboration with MBPP and Han Chiang College organized the “Graffiti Wall @ Youth Park”. PWDC facilitated a session for the college students to explore gender issues. The students then came up with a series of art pieces with the theme “Gender Equality & Women’s Rights” which is on display at the MBPP graffiti walls at the Youth Park.

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