Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership promotes the awareness of gender equality and empower women to take up leadership role through capacity building and programmes that enhance understanding in good governance, human rights and community participation.

Objectives of WEL:

  1. Mainstream gender into governance and integrate gender into local structures.
  2. Provide leadership training for women across various levels

Women’s political participation and representation are still low although they are fundamental elements of an effective democracy as women represent half of the population in Malaysia. PWDC organizes a Women’s Assembly programme and leadership workshops to impart leadership knowledge and provides exposure of political mechanisms to aspiring women leaders.

Program Sidang Wanita 2020

The Penang Women’s Assembly 2020 Programme equips women with leadership skills and exposing them to the process of the state legislative assembly. A series of roadshows were organized in all of the five districts in Penang to call for participation and identify suitable candidates for the assembly. Advanced workshops will be organized on September 26 and 27 to prepare the aspiring women leaders to the Women’s Assembly on October 17, 2020.

Women in Leadership Development Workshop

The leadership programme trains potential women leaders with modules that cover substantive and practical skills with interactive networking with current state leaders included in selected sessions. The first half of the year 2019 saw 418 women participants from the community attended the workshops. In between 2015 to 2016, 87 women participants were trained in which 6 have  been elected as Local Councillors (Ahli Majlis) for MBPP and MPSP.

Relanita Pulau Pinang

Relanita Pulau Pinang is a restructuring of the all-women volunteer team in all 40 constituencies in Penang who reports directly to the respective state assemblyman. The overhaul enables the volunteer team to work closely with the JPWK in organising activities to develop women and families.

Local & State Government

PWDC works closely with the State Government and Local Government to mainstream gender. As valued added partners, PWDC often functions as a consultant for integration of gender perspectives as well as women’s rights and good governance.

Gender Awareness

Young People

Young people are important stakeholders of the future. PWDC develops youths that are inclusive and gender-sensitive, so that they may participate in current issues to challenge the current status-quo and contribute to advancing gender equality, development, and human rights.


PWDC develops modules specifically for men to discuss and deconstruct toxic masculinity in an effort to highlight the damaging effects of traditional stereotypes towards women and men. The module also explores the relationships men have with women in their personal space, workspace, and public spaces.

Other Activities

Smart Voters Campaign

With the support of the State EXCO for Women and Family Development, the campaign highlighted the importance of women’s votes weeks before the 14th General Election.

Everyday Life Experts

The workshop provides an opportunity for women to engage, contribute, and empower themselves and their communities while strengthening women’s leadership in the state.

National Conference on Gender and Electoral Reform

Working with the Penang State Government and in collaboration with Penang Institute and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES International), the conference reviewed the impact of the current electoral system on women’s political representation on August 26 & 27, 2016.


The project provides women writers the opportunity for self-discovery and self-expression through personal narratives as well as an opportunity for development as writers. VOICES partnered with George Town Literary Festival 2015 and 2016 to bring women’s stories and writers to the international platform.

Graffiti Wall at Youth Park

In collaboration with MBPP and Han Chiang College, the workshop provides an opportunity for college students to explore gender issues and produce a series of art pieces with the theme “Gender Equality & Women’s Rights”.

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