OBSOLETE – Women’s Empowerment and Leadership ( WEL )

The Women’s Empowerment and Leadership ( WEL ) programme aims to promote awareness of gender equality and enhance women’s participation and leadership through capacity building in social, decision making, and socio-political life. In particular, WEL seeks to enhance the understanding , capacity and advocacy skills of women and key stakeholders in the areas of empowerment, women’s leadership, good governance and human rights.

Four interrelated programme priorities under WEL Programme:

  1. MAINSTREAM gender into governance and integrate gender into local structures ( MPKK ).
  2. PROVIDE leadership training for women across various levels ( MPKK and Local Council ).
  3. RAISE AWARENESS on gender equality and/ or work towards socio-political empowerment of women.
  4. STRATEGIC NETWORKING AND SMART PARTNERSHIPS with key partners and stakeholders to achieve common objectives.

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